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I quit my job and moved to Belize.

Why did you move to Belize? How did you do it? These are the most common questions I get. I’ll start with the ‘why’ – Part I.

I had a successful career. I had wealth. I had and still have a few great friends. I had and still have an amazing marriage. I had stress. I did not have the zest for life that I wanted. I did not have true happiness. Something was missing. I worked for a great company that ended up becoming my identity. I realized I was working long hours and giving my all every day just to get those four precious weeks of vacation a year. If I didn’t have a trip planned, I was anxious. So, I spent what little spare time I had researching vacation destinations and eventually planning and booking trips. We would travel and we always noticed the same thing when we traveled outside Canada and the USA. The rest of the world lives differently! They walk and talk slower. They work less hours. They don’t place self worth on a scale of career success or wealth. They don’t have much. I mean ‘stuff’. They eat real food! They have energy and time for social activities and fun in the evenings. They actually take lunch breaks! I don’t mean running to get fast food or using your lunch break to workout. I mean a real frickin’ lunch break with friends on a blanket on the grass with fresh food and even wine. They seem happy. Ummmm, WTF? I live wrong! I’m doing life all wrong. That’s why.

Life is short. Get at it. — Raine

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