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What does Mångata mean?


Mångata is a Swedish word that means "the moon's reflection on the water".  Since this is something we regularly see, and it is so beautiful, we decided to name our place after it.  Mångata is pronounced  "Moon-ga-ta"

What currencies are accepted in Belize?

The Belize Dollar (BZD) or the American Dollar (USD) are both accepted in Belize.  $1 USD = $2 BZD (fixed exchange rate). There are ATM machines available to withdraw money but the rates won't be as good as you'll get by exchanging your money before you travel.  Credit card is accepted at many restaurants and stores but there are just as many that only accept cash.

Can you recommend tours and things to do?

Absolutely!  There is so much to do both on the island and on the mainland, it's unBELIZEable!  Anything from snorkelling and diving, to catamaran tours and deep sea fishing to cave tubing, Mayan ruins, zip lining, jungle hikes, laser tag, food tours, karaoke, live music and excellent beaches and spas!  Want to swim with the sharks at Hol Chan?  Fly over the Blue Hole?  Did we forget restaurants?  We can also direct you to the best food in town!  


Is it safe?


Yes. If you compare the population of Belize to some similar sized American cities (such as Miami for example), you will see that the crime rate is similar or lower.  Crimes such as petty theft can happen.  Don't leave your beach bag on an unattended golf cart. For your peace of mind, we have security cameras on site.  You will find that Belizeans are some of the friendliest and most helpful people around.


Is there a restaurant on site?


Yes!  Moon Bar is our beach bar on site that serves the best pizza! Of course we serve all your favorite drinks, too. There is also an excellent restaurant next door (one minute walk along the beach) that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Each villa and casita has a kitchen, with fridge, cooktop, microwave, coffee maker, blender, toaster, etc so that you can prep your own meals as desired.

Can you accommodate guests with disabilities?

Due to the unique nature of the Hotel, its buildings, grounds, amenities, and services, the Hotel may not be suitable for Guests with certain disabilities and mobility issues. The buildings, rooms, grounds, beaches, amenities, events, and services may not be accessible. Likewise, Guests with certain disabilities and mobility issues may encounter difficulties at local airports/ferries and with public and private transportation, walkways, buildings, facilities, services and events.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What’s the weather like? Does it rain a lot?


No. If/when it rains it is usually only for a few minutes and then the sun comes out again. Many people vacation during the rainy season months, and find that the weather is warm and beautiful with a quick rain shower or two now and then.  It very rarely rains for hours or for an entire day, although like anywhere, it can happen.  You'll dry off quickly!


I heard we need to rent a golf cart, is it true?


While you don't need to rent a golf cart for your visit, we recommend that you do!  The island is 24 miles long and there's a lot of exploring to do.  Town is 6 miles away and there are great attractions and restaurants all along the length of the island that you may want to check out! However, if none of this is of interest, you can certainly stay put at Mångata Villas.

Are their grocery stores nearby?

There is a small grocery store a couple miles away, however, there's much more variety at the stores in town.  You'll find good deals at the local fruit and veggie stands, the butcher shop and there's no shortage of grocery stores and convenience stores in town.  Since town is 6 miles away, we recommend renting a golf cart for your trip, not just for groceries but because it's really fun and interesting to explore around the island at your own pace!

Do we need to worry about mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes can be a nuisance!  The good news?  They're  really only around during the rainy season (June 1st til Nov).  Since high season is Nov-May, you're likely planning your trip when the mosquitoes are mostly gone.  We do maintain an effective year round pest control program but bring some bug spray just in case (Off with Deet works best - unfortunately!)

Is medical care readily available?

Yes, 24 hour service is available. There are two polyclinics on the island (one is free, and one is private, pay-per service complete with hospital, lab, pharmacy and imaging services).There are several excellent doctors in town.  For emergencies, there are airplanes and helicopters ready to transport patients to the mainland (15 min flight)​.  There are several pharmacies as well.  You can visit a Dr for about $25 USD.  Dentists are also available.  For the divers, you'll be relieved to know that San Pedro has the only 2 hyperbaric chambers in the country!

Is your beach good for swimming?


Yes, you can certainly swim at our private beach!  Many people enjoy swimming off the docks because the water is very shallow for quite a ways so the dock can get you to a more comfortable swimming depth without walking out so far.   If you prefer a public beach, there's an excellent one called "Secret Beach" nearby.  This beach has restaurants and bars, and fun water toys and is always a great way to spend the day.  

Are we allowed to bring our pet?


No, unfortunately we do not allow animals in our rooms.  Due to comfort of future guests and potential allergies, our rooms are guaranteed to be pet allergy free.

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